Alexa Samuels Artist's Statement
Not From Around Here is Alexa Samuels’ love letter to her hometown of Toronto and other places she’s visited. Her art celebrates urban streetscapes by shining unconventional light on hidden corners, back alleys, architectural underbellies and the seeming mundaneness of everyday landscapes. Her art turns iconic landmarks on their heads and rejoices in unsung street art. What begin as panoramic landscape photographs, Alexa’s images twist and turn, transforming into visuals that surprise, baffle and yet feel reassuringly familiar. 
Straight, Forward represents Alexa's wider body of photography.
Alexa Samuels Biography
If Alexa Samuels’ life had a musical soundtrack, it would sound like art. As a seasoned photographer and enthusiastic art collector, Alexa has explored the art worlds of nearly 50 countries. Her adventures include immersive art experiences from the historic streets of Italy to the vibrant art scene of Berlin, and even into the expansive landscapes of Canada’s north. Alexa is an active member of Partners in Art, a Canadian charitable organization that funds and champions contemporary visual art through philanthropy, volunteerism and education.
Alexa proudly shoots with a Fuji XH2-s with an array of lenses, including Fuji's XF10-24mmF4 OIS WR and XF56mmF1.2 R WR.
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